Each of our leather bags is made of one stripe of leather, bent and sewn on the sides. Minimalistic in design, a Stripe bag looks good on any shoulder – be it a child or an adult.
Stripe bags come in several colors and sizes to carry anything from lollypops to your favourite tablet.

Stripe – A Small Unisex Shoulder Bag

The small shoulder bag comes in five colors: fuchsia pink, lime green, ice blue, orange rust and ocean blue and fits anyone from 2 to 100 – just tie a knot to adjust the length of the cord and off you go.
Its minimalistic design laid the foundation for the whole collection: a piece of leather, bent and sewn together. Now finally kids can take some of the small (but definitely important!) things they always need on the go. Dads will also like to have all their money, cigarettes, lighters and phones out of the back pockets of their jeans and Mums, as usual, will break records for packing stuff into the compact space.

Stripe – A Shoulder Bag for Your Notebook

The medium Stripe bag comes in two colors – a bright “Orange Rust” and a blueish black “Oceano”. This shoulder bag features a covered magnet, stitched inside the top cover, and an adjustable leather strap. It is a perfect companion for those who travel far and wide (it holds just enough to get you through customs and the Duty Free shop) – we have added 20mm wide sides so it can carry a Moleskine notebook, a mini tablet (i.e. Nexus 7 or iPad mini) or your favourite eReader.

This Stripe bag is another sober design for those who value simplicity and aesthetics.

Stripe – A Shoulder Bag for Your Tablet

Our largest bag in the Stripe collection is big enough to hold an Apple iPad, a Microsoft Surface or a Google Nexus 10 tablet. The two calfskin tones – orange and dark blue – match both the small and medium sized bags in this collection. Apart from the hidden magnet stitched inside the top cover, it also features an inside pocket almost as large as the medium sized bag and an adjustable leather strap.

Designed and handmade in Germany, this Stripe bag not only looks good but it feels right on your shoulder, too.