Small Leather Bag

Orange Rust

This small Stripe bag is designed to carry the dribs and drabs and to keep your pockets empty. As an everyday companion this bag might carry an array of small things, from keys and cigarettes to tissues and lollipops. Genuine nappa leather on the outside and contrasting flock on the inside make this bag look and feel good.
It is not only a unisex bag, but also uni-generation – father, mother, son and daughter will find it equally comfortable and efficient. Minimalistic and unobtrusive this small Stripe bag will match almost any casual outfit.
Calf leather on the outside.
Designed and handmade in Germany.
Available in fuchsia pink, ice blue, lime green, orange rust and dark blue oceano.

Small Leather Bag VWRL-B01-ORG
75,00 €

Shipping: Immediately

  • Made in Germany
  • Genuine Leather