Let’s work together!

Here at van Wright we are always open to new ideas and discussions. We want to grow and become more interesting every day. This challenge is not limited to a one-man show. We’re happy to hear any tips or suggestions you may have.


If you run your own shop and would like to carry our collections, please get in touch. Simply email to sales@vanwright.com.

Product designers

Do you have an idea which will make every kid and grown-up happy? We’re excited to hear more! van Wright has no limitations: accessories, furniture, games, you name it, we want it all. Email design@vanwright.com and share your idea with us.


Design and illustration has been our playground for a long time. Do you have ideas for books, puzzles, posters, stickers or anything else? Just drop us a line without delay: design@vanwright.com

Just good people

Well, if you have come so far, then you qualify as a good person. And good people are always welcome at van Wright (who wants to talk to bad people anyway?). Email us at hello@vanwright.com and we will get back to you.